The State of The Union: altruism be damned

Altruism, or selflessness, is the principle or practice of concern for or devotion to the welfare of others (as opposed to egoism).

Remember last winter?

I do.

So long. So dark. So full of despair.

I spent a lot of time sobbing in the bathtub thinking about Whitney and Bobbi Christina last winter. Unable to see the light. Wondering how it could possibly be that I am still fucking here. How am I still alive?

On one of these days in early January 2016, I came across a story about a woman named Baba Vanga. Through tear-stained glasses and swollen eyes, while scrolling through FaceBook on my phone, I saw a face that made me stop crying:


In reading the article, I learned that Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant who has an 85% success rate with her predictions that include the attacks of 9/11, the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 and the concept of Global Warming.

The article actually scared the shit out of me because Baba Vanga predicted that by the end of 2016, Europe will cease to exist.

No way!!!!! I love Europe! I studied abroad in Law School at the University of Amsterdam in 2004 and got the opportunity to visit both Paris and Germany. I got to go inside Anne Frank’s secret annex!

Why in the world would Europe ever cease to exist? How???

Well, perhaps this prediction from Baba Vanga is related: our 44th president will be our first African American President and our last President. Ever.

Why in the world would America not have a 45th president? How???

I began to read every article ever printed online about Baba Vanga. I had to know everything. How did she go blind. Who was her family. What was her upbringing like? Why and under what circumstances did she make these predictions?

Baba Vanga died in 1996. It is always my first guess that the people who are able to report what they can “see” about the future are trying to help. I hoped that because of Baba Vanga having the ability to be heard, with her predictions in print and circulating the internet, that this would equate to mass numbers of people working toward making those predictions an impossibility.

That hope was shattered less than 6 months later when I woke up to Brexit, which I immediately understood to be exactly how Europe ceasing to exist will begin. As of July 2016, the prediction is that QUITaly will be next. For the record: I find these mashups highly offensive. Exiting Europe, quitting Europe–haven’t y’all heard about Baba Vanga predicting Europe will cease to exist at the end of 2016 OR ARE YOU CAPITALIZING ON IT?

Thanks to People Magazine, I was able to piece together how it could possibly be that both Europe could cease to exist and America could have no future presidents around the same exact time.

Trump and this British Trump are too a-holes in a pod.

Something about the fact that they both exist at the same time… It was at this moment that I knew this is the way things were supposed to be. That Baba Vanga wasn’t necessarily telling us so that we could stop it, she was telling us so that the people watching it could understand that this is part of our journey.

Does it mean we give up?


Does it mean we can stop it?

I don’t know.

That’s not the point. I am not an opportunist, I am a humanist. Like I have already told you, we are here on this Earth to learn lessons and grow, a pain/pleasure cycle that ends with a life review you are held personally accountable for.

What happened with Wikileaks revealing the democratic party “favored Hillary Clinton and worked behind the scenes to discredit and defeat Bernie Sanders,” is the catalyst for change. For as long as I have been alive, it has been a given that politicians are “crooked,” unethical, self serving hypocrites and that “the voice of the people” cannot truly be heard as a result.

My little girl brain always made sure to stay involved in politics as a result of that given. I have always been active in student government, from grade school to law school. I am familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order. I am the president of the PTO at my son’s preschool. I am a whistleblower.

When I was 12 years old I thought it was pretty bad ass that the First Lady was working towards universal healthcare. The media was reporting it as a bad thing, I could hear that clearly and was struck by the message: the first lady is not supposed to be this involved. It was not about Hillary Clinton’s competence, it was about her being seen AND heard at the same time, which was clearly distasteful to most. Not to me, though. What’s the point of even having a brain if you’re not going to use it?

While Michelle Obama made her amazing speech at the DNC last night, people were already making memes out of her, declaring: Michelle Obama for president!

That really ticks me off. I don’t think people understand that they have the luxury of saying, “Michelle Obama for president,” BECAUSE Michelle Obama purposefully intended to be a “traditional First Lady” who is not involved in politics. Had First Lady Michelle Obama been as active as First Lady Hillary Clinton, using her amazing lawyer brain to actively pursue political goals, America really wouldn’t be able to give two shits about who Michelle Obama wants us to vote for because she would then be guilty of the worst offense: being a woman with an opinion.

I remember when Hillary lost the primary to Obama. I was devastated. I felt cheated. I didn’t understand how someone with more experience could lose to someone so green. It didn’t seem fair. I wish that wikileaks could go back through the 2008 emails and reveal the way in which the democratic party favored Obama over Hillary because we all have to know that this was not the first time that has happened. What has been revealed, is actually the practice and not the exception, in my opinion.

So here’s the deal: political parties are just like insurance companies. They want your money, they want your vote and they want your allegiance, but they do not want to give you anything in return such as honesty, integrity or value. Seriously. This is the nature of winning and losing. The only thing the “party” wants to do is “beat” the other “party.” That’s fucken weird.

This is the part where I wake up and realize I knew this was coming long before Baba Vanga told me. I’m talking about it in the very first blog I ever wrote (click here) which is published almost exactly one year before the article I read on Baba Vanga was published. I’m talking about it in the YouTube video I made almost exactly 2 years ago to the day (click here). I’ve been talking about a revolution for years.


Absence of matriarchy.

What does that mean?

Thank you for asking.

ma·tri·ar·chy ˈmātrēˌärkē noun: matriarchy; plural noun: matriarchies A  system of society or government ruled by a woman or women. A form of social organization in which descent and relationship are reckoned through the female line. The state of being an older, powerful woman in a family or group. “she cherished a dream of matriarchy—catered to by grandchildren”

Interesting. Compare that to the definition for patriarchy:

pa·tri·arch·y ˈpātrēˌärkē noun: patriarchy;  plural noun: patriarchies A system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line. A system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. A society or community organized on patriarchal lines.

Ok, how can I explain this…

You know that old expression: all women are crazy and all men are assholes.

What if assholes have been exclusively in charge forever and it has driven us all crazy.

When I was in Law School the Constitutional Law books looked like this:

women are {can own} property.

Law school books are like that because part of a legal education includes an understanding of what the law was, what the law is now and everything that happened in between. If you have been through law school, then you know why Bill Cosby has not been indicted for serial rape and you know why Brock Turner only got 6 months as a convicted rapist. Our laws are based on what men think is fair for men.

Absence of matriarchy.

Oppressing an entire gender has not worked out. There is no way to fix a system that purposefully excluded an entire gender absent scrapping that shit system and starting over. Baba Vanga shared her visions so that we could know things don’t always stay the same. Life is cyclical.

Does the idea of no more Europe and no more presidential leader frighten me?

Hell yes.

But I have PTSD, so I deal with fear on a very regular basis and continue to face everything and rise. For me, fear will never trump justice. I am brave. I have always been prepared to go down fighting the good fight. I run from nothing. I believe in love, honesty, integrity, caring, compassion, strength, loyalty and kindness. These are my life values.

You know how Mister Rogers’ mom was all, look for the helpers?

Well I’m a mom, too, and this is what’s going down in my house: BE A HELPER. Look for the helpers so you can join them in CARING TO BE HELPFUL. You have to care.



PS: Baba Vanga also predicted that hunger would be eradicated between 2025 and 2028, I plan to be a major part of that effort. We have more than enough food, there is no reason for children to die of starvation. We can all be helpers.

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