Guided meditation is an excellent way to heal dark feelings. Have you ever felt so angry or so sad you could burst?

I think the worst part about grief is the feeling you get when you tell yourself:

We can’t be together anymore. Ever.


I will never hold them in my arms again.

These statements cause tremendous pain inside, right around your heart and your gut. The pain is uncomfortable and can lead to anger or resentment.

Instead of replaying agonizing statements in your mind that cause you to feel pain, listen to this:

You can meditate a heart to heart hug with any one at any time.

I do it all the time.

It feels AMAZING.

It works so well, I have to share it with everyone.

Click here to experience the best 15 minute healing meditation of all time.

You don’t have to suffer from estrangement, loss, divorce, death or any other major change. Mindfulness about grief heals grief. If you want to feel better right now, to heal your feelings of depression, anger, bargaining, acceptance and denial, then press play on this video:

We can all heal through mindfulness.



p.s.: For more of my grief-healing meditations and tools, check out my grief healing app, iHeal because iFeel, available on Google Play and the App Store:

iHeal because iFeel is a grief healing app available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store

iHeal because iFeel is a grief healing app that you can get on Google Play for Android devices

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