PTSD Recovery (I made my first YouTube video!)

{Originally posted June 29, 2014}

So I made my first YouTube video.

It’s called PTSD RECOVERY and I made it in honor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness month (June).

The process of making my first video was incredible. I had fun, I used my brain, I thought outside the box, I got out of my head, I was creative, I felt proud of myself.

I was operating on all cylinders.

I am a Director.

Did I get frustrated during the process of learning something new?

Of course I did! I always do. What am I gonna do, cry about it?

Of course I did! I always do. But then I did some of my own Mind, Body & Heart exercises and I felt a lot better.

I potted 3 plants, did yoga, took a bath, ate, drank water, journaled, slept, wrote this blog, complained to my friends and husband and jig saw puzzled (uploading my video took more than 24 hours with several attempts).

People keep asking me why I am making/made this video. Volunteerism is healing to your soul. This is my own personal spontaneous act of service to help people who suffer from PTSD to recover.

I am a social change activist. It is very common to be insensitive and downright mean to people who have PTSD. That has to change. PTSD is an injury that requires sensitivity and kindness.

Growing up in the 80’s, my older brothers and I happened to watch that Rambo movie, First Blood, just about every day of my life. Greatest PTSD story ever told. All he wanted was something to eat. Blowing up a whole town because of outrageous abuses of authority when you’re hungry made total sense to me.

What did not make sense about First Blood is that nobody CARED. It was obvious that Rambo was suffering from a serious injury but not one person demonstrated care or concern, empathy or kindness; not even after learning he was a war hero.

I’d like to change that.

Millions of Americans suffer from PTSD, not just war veterans.

I hope my video helps raise awareness about PTSD and how to recover.

If you have 20 minutes, watch PTSD RECOVERY; if you find it helpful, kindly share it with someone you feel could benefit from the content as well.



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