PTSD & Rage: You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

I have PTSD so…

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

The story of the Incredible Hulk really affected me. David Banner was such a kind person until the incident that caused him to radically transform…into a monster. But David Banner, even when he was the monstrous Incredible Hulk, was actually a hero; he stopped the bad guys with his anger.

The Incredible Hulk never hurt anyone who was innocent, only the bad guys. Even as a child in the 1980’s I knew that was an incredible mental fete, as David Banner was the victim of a scientific experiment gone very wrong and was often totally out of control.

Control. I’ve always wanted it. Obviously my little girl body could not transform into the Incredible Hulk, but there was always hope. Thanks to Stephen King and Drew Barrymore.

Firestarter. Due to a scientific experiment gone wrong in both her parents, when this little girl gets angry, she starts fire with her eyes…fascinating. I practiced my glare for the rest of the 1980’s.

But glaring is not the same as the Incredible Hulk, I still felt too small…things were still out of control.

Thank god the lady from Splash got angry and transformed into a 50-foot giantess in the early ’90’s. I needed that.

By the time the early ’90’s rolled around, I was feeling totally powerless. Couple that with all the hormones and emotions of becoming a woman and understand that I felt very much like a freak.

Like Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf…before he realizes he is good at basketball.

So much hair…

Were it not for movies like these growing up, I probably never would have had my latest epiphany:

It’s ok to get angry.

It’s normal.

For many years, I got into a very nasty habit of telling myself that “I don’t get angry.” That was stupid. Of course I get angry, I am a human being; a very passionate human being. I am an empath, I am INFJ and not allowing myself to embrace my angry feelings actually made me very sick.

I’m not doing that anymore.

I made a YouTube video about PTSD & Rage. Apparently the two go hand in hand. Like peas and carrots.

As long as you do something constructive with your anger, it’s ok. Recognizing anger for what it is, enables you to choose NOT to do something destructive with your anger.  My new mantra about anger?

It just doesn’t matter. Thank you Bill Murray. Thank you Meatballs. It just doesn’t matter.

This is my story. It’s mine to tell.

I hope you enjoy my new YouTube video!



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