Oh God, I’m Bleeding: Godspell Grieving

Oh god I’m bleeding: Godspell Grieving…

When I was in middle school, Lake Shore High School put on the best production of Godspell ever. I have never seen another version. No need.

I’ve been thinking about that musical A LOT over the past year.

Specifically, the part where Jesus is crucified.

Oh God I’m Dying…

I’ve been singing it to myself for at least a year…

I have a story to tell.

So I made a YouTube video called Godspell & Grieving: Oh God I’m Bleeding.


Because I had to. I had to shut this song up, that’s enough. I’m not dying.

I’m grieving.

Feels similar, I imagine, if your death were as slow and painful as possible.

In the video I describe toxic relationships using my favorite television series: Arrested Development.

I also act out the 5 stages of grief in a loop 3 times in a row…there is a giant stuffed panda bear involved. Totally normal stuff.

I know that this story has to be told because it is haunting both my days and my nights. I’m done. If you don’t have 6 minutes to invest then hear me now:


Set boundaries that honor your personal limits and have the integrity to keep your own promises. This is life. It can be whatever you make it. Make it as kind and loving as possible.

Please let me know what you guys think of my new video and please subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss out on my next special delivery 😉



Heal your Self, heal the world

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