Justice for Leonard Peltier

During my undergraduate studies at SUNY Cortland, I fulfilled one of my general education requirements by taking an English Department course called: Native American Studies.

There, I learned about Native American political prisoner, Leonard Peltier.

In1977 Peltier was convicted of murdering two FBI agents during what has been referred to as an FBI assault upon the Oglala Lakota Nation. Later, it would become clear that the prosecution withheld key evidence to secure a false conviction, most importantly: ballistics evidence proving Leonard Peltier’s innocence.

Despite this new and exonerating evidence, the Supreme Court has repeatedly denied Peltier’s requests for a retrial.


Because if the United States ever released Leonard Peltier, then they would be in the realm of perhaps apologizing for the REIGN OF TERROR or the NATIVE AMERICAN GENOCIDE and America doesn’t have the integrity to admit to or apologize for mistakes.

The only hope for freedom for Leonard Peltier was a presidential pardon.

Many believed that Obama, who has a particular penchant for South African political prisoner, Nelson Mandela, would have been the President to pardon Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

I made this video a few years ago to encourage Obama:

Spoiler alert: Obama refuses to pardon Leonard Peltier, who at this point has spent 41 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and is not eligible for parole until 2024, at the age of 80.

This is why most of you have never seen this throw back video of my son and I appealing to Obama yet again:

Does anyone want to call President Trump?

Please remember Leonard Peltier as you plan your Thanksgiving holiday. Remember Leonard Peltier on Election Day.



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