I totally invented a grief healing app

iHeal because iFeel

I did it!

It took me about 6 months, but I invented my first app.

The iHeal because iFeel helps organize and heal grief symptoms.

First, select which of the 5 stages of grief you are experiencing from the menu. You will then be asked to indicate the intensity level that particular symptom invokes. These answers will all be auto populated into the handy calendar, together with the specific healing activities you have completed.

What’s really cool: I made 5 meditations specific to the 5 stages of grief. As in, I wrote, read and professionally recorded them.

That’s MY art work! Do you LOVE it?

The point of the app is to encourage you to feel your feelings. To bury your feelings is to bury your Self alive, a form of suicide. Feel the feelings, organize your healing techniques and heal your Self.

The point is: go out there and make rainbows. Feel it all. Heal it all. Yes cry, yes get angry, yes use that big old brain to bargain and find acceptance and above all else: enjoy sweet blissful denial, nature’s reset button. You can heal your own grief, your body knows how, you just have to stop fighting it.

Download this grief healing app on Google Play or the App Store:

Get it on google play

iHeal because iFeel is available on the App Store

Thank you for your support!!!



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