Hug Yourself + Love Yourself = Heal Yourself

Ever hug yourself?

I do.

Additionally, I made a YouTube video about it. I’m that girl.

Actually, I wrote the script for: Hug Yourself + Love Yourself = Heal Yourself, hours before learning some pretty heinous news.

I am increasingly intuitive like that; producing and directing this movie was healthy for my grieving process. Not sure what else I would’ve done with my seconds, minutes or hours. I made the set and shot the footage in record time. I’d say this one was fast tracked for sure.

I have PTSD. This means my response to major change can cause me to judge myself pretty harshly. Luckily, grief is here to heal the feelings associated with major change. I will lean into the anger, depression, acceptance, bargaining and denial. I am proud of myself for facilitating a creative outlet for my grief.

Last night I wrote my first Haiku:

If you’re deserted,You can have extra dessert.PERMISSION GRANTED.

Also ate 2 brownies last night.

Full disclosure, I eat chocolate every single day.

If I need something, I am going to give it to myself. I am not going to wait for someone to come and save me. I will save me. I will love me.


I hope you enjoy my latest YouTube video and that you all start hugging + loving + healing your beautiful selves!



Heal your Self, heal the world

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