House Plants & Feng Shui

House Plants & Feng Shui

I am loving my home right now.


House plants.


I know.

It’s kind of a long story. I never thought that I would have real live plants in my house, as I was raised to believe it was too complicated to figure out how to properly care for them.

But then I read this short article about 7 quick steps to Feng Shui and thought it was significant that one of the seven things you can do is incorporate lots of plant life into your home.


We do have one plant, I admitted to myself. A lucky bamboo given to me by my dear friend and mentor, Jenny, when we moved to Las Vegas in 2010.

In fact, that bamboo was so lucky, it was still alive in 2014 after many haircuts and those trimmings were alive as well.

So actually, I had 2 plants to take care of that were doing quite well. But I still wasn’t sure what that had to do with Feng Shui.

Then I went to Colorado to celebrate my 10-year dating anniversary last October and while we were there we got to visit one of my childhood friends who has always been a role model to me. I have always admired Liz’ style and, once again, I was not disappointed with the new home Liz had put together for her husband and brand new baby. I pointed out her lamps, her end tables, the ottoman she was restoring, the curtains in the baby room, her wedding picture frames, the built in wine glass holders, and then it hit me. Really it was the plants everywhere that I loved most of all. Not just one or two, but plant life wherever the sun would support growth.

So I pointed out to Liz that I really LOVED the plants in her home and revealed that I had been thinking about incorporating more plants into my home but…well…I was afraid that I would…kill them.

What Liz said next really helped me:

Yeah, Rae, plants die and then you get new ones. Enjoy them while you have them.


Flash forward three months later and I am noticing that my friend Libby also has beautiful plants inside and outside of her townhome in San Diego. Succulents. Super cool. I want that. So she sends us to her favorite nursery and I pick out 3 new plants to take care of.

I make my husband pull over at the beginning of our 5 hour car trip home at the first Ross I see so that I can pot them immediately when we get home with the special soil that we lugged all the way home from the San Diego nursery.

Desert plants.   Apparently, you only water them once per week. Weird. My husband waters the lucky bamboo plants practically every day. I nervously dote over all of the plants, talk to them, let them know I am glad they are here. Secretly I worry the new plants will die, but I don’t want to let on.

In February we took a much needed family vacation to the Grand Canyon. The house we rented was amazing. The mountain view, the loft with the full on drum kit (!), the stars at night, the art on the walls and, wait for it, the plants. The house had plants EVERYWHERE. It was super cool. I found myself staring at a plant no matter where I was and that is when I finally understood Feng Shui.

When we got home, I set to work. First I tackled the space near the window in my bathroom. Taking baths here is now officially amazing. The orchid was a gift from my husband and has been in full bloom for over two and a half months. Glorious! The palm tree and pot came from Lowes.

I then became obsessed with hanging plants. I love how the leaves look like hearts.

This next one is hung in my bedroom over my Kelly Rae Roberts couch and I realize that my hanging plant obsession has a lot to do with the pots I found at TJ Maxx Home Goods. Beauty matters, I surround myself in it.

The third hanging plant is hung in my kitchen. I could not find a third glass hanging pot for the life of me, so I ordered this one from Amazon ( and it makes me very happy.

At this point, my husband is like: I think we have enough plants in the house, don’t you?

And I’m like, wow, why would you even say that to me right now? I’m on a roll here. See, what happened is, I got sad. I got sad and then I got these plants from the Home Depot and these pots from Ross:

And I told my husband: selecting the plants, the pots, bringing them home and then getting my hands dirty repotting them is therapeutic for my grieving process.

These are my friends.

I love them.

Are some of them struggling?

Yes. Just that one actually and I think that is a success considering how many I am responsible for. Aren’t we all struggling? Caring isn’t too complicated at all. The reward far outweighs the burdens of responsibility.

This used to be a bulb in a plastic bag until I put it in some dirt 10 days ago:

I can’t wait until my Mother’s Day Dahlia blooms, but right now I am thrilled with what looks like celery stalks. I show my 2 year old the rapid progress every day. He loves to say good morning plants (!) when he first wakes up and I am delighted that we share the same favorite (pink) plant:

(don’t tell the other plants we think that).

What activities help you through the grieving process? Please leave me a Reply and thank you for reading!



Heal your Self, heal the world

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