Happy Birthday to me!

Dear Friends,

I will be celebrating my Birthday on Friday and I invite you to celebrate with me!

Can you believe I’m almost done being 36? I distinctly remember at 12 years old that my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world at 37, and that’s how I intend to feel at all times. I am pumped to be 37—the year of the goddess. Will you join me? Whenever you do something goddess like—for example eating chocolate in the bathtub, arranging your flowers, getting dressed up—imagine me smiling like aw, happy birthday to me! Thank you for being a part of my life!

Here is a look back at 36:

—after 7 years of Las Vegas, I found myself surrounded by moving boxes in my new home in Wenatchee Washington. This was my first move where we didn’t know anyone, which meant I had to unpack all my own baggage. In the winter.

—After a long cocoon period, I started to make art again and had an epiphany that helped me begin filming myself again. I discovered that I am someone who enjoys the freedom to change as I grow. Please watch my butterfly video here: https://youtu.be/L-LuHpgJqW0

—Then, I got really political. I went to protests, I registered voters, and I made some more videos. (https://youtu.be/-NtbjY9cT5w). This is how I made new friends, finally.

—I graduated from stand up comedy school! Boom.

I did this for two reasons: practice for my TED talk and practice publicly discussing something taboo…

—I’m growing up—I’m finally ready to talk about masturbation (https://youtu.be/XqaoeOALomQ). Yup. I’m filming a 21-day extreme healing challenge video series and it’s HILARIOUS. You’ll be able to see my stand up comedy set from my graduation show within that video series, so please stay tuned!

—I’m a total mom. I love to pack my son’s lunch, take him to gymnastics, basketball, hip hop, the dentist, Las Vegas—I have taken this kid to Las Vegas 5 times to ease his homesickness. The grief is real. The empathy is real. I love being his mom.

Highlights of other FIRSTS for me at 36:

—ran my first mile (no walking, no stopping, no tears, no faked injuries) for my son’s school fun run.

—I finally got to see Jack White in concert (my first concert with a phone ban, so no pics)…

—Golden Knights hockey game–it’s like a show in a show in a show, most entertaining hockey game of all time, I highly recommend catching a game in Vegas for date night.

—Boot camp! This homegirl, has left the house–to work out! It’s crazy. It’s crazy how scared I was to do this because it’s not really scary at all. Even though it is really hard, I learned that I can easily do all the hard stuff. Truly a Face Everything And Rise sort of FEAR moment, so bring a friend!

—Me sending happy birthday to me right now…

This blog. Right now. Is a Radical Act Of Self Love (RAOSL). For me. It is the opposite of the loneliness I normally manifest for my birthday season. Hitting the “publish” button will be a Big Scary Thing (BST) that involves both a letting go of the old story (I’m alone!) and a sense of not knowing (ahhhh!!!) what the new story will be…

Thank you for being a part of my story.

I love you.

This is what’s going on with me. I’m not alone. What’s going on with you? Please tell me.

No small talk, it’s my Birthday, tell me about your next BST and what your latest RAOSL looked like.



PS—not sure what to get me for my Birthday? If you sign up for my 30-Day Grief Healing Challenge today, you could successfully complete the self healing journey before the new year. Heal your Self, heal the world. Plus, look at me in 30 different dresses, what’re you doing?


PPS–this is HUGE, you are now being rewarded for reading ALL the words with this most amazing offer: download my grief healing app FOR FREE in the month of December. If you have an iPhone, the app is free to download for the entire month of December (click here). If you have an Android, the app is free to download from December 1 through December 8 (click here).  The iHeal because iFeel app tracks your own personal grief cycle, guides you through quick journaling exercises designed to propel you forward, and has 5 meditations specific to healing each stage of grief. Perfect way to mindfully manage the upcoming cold dark holiday season. Please share this sale link with your friends and family xoxoxoxo

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