Garden Party

I’m super excited right now.

This weekend I had a dream to build a small garden.

Basically it was all feelings feelings feelings with the word FLOWERS on repeat. Every single time I checked in on my feelings/FLOWERS situation, my gut would tell me to go outside and create a garden.


Right here where it’s all boring.

Yeah but…I’ve never made an outdoor garden.

I didn’t care.

Nothing could stop me. I told my husband I was going to the store to get soil and flowers to make a garden. He quickly walked the perimeter, started talking numbers, and used a calculator to tell me:

63 square feet.


You will need 63 square feet of soil to cover this area.

I just stared at him.


Who does math???

Not me.

Neither does the teen who works at Home Depot.

The bags of soil are marked in cubic feet. 2-3 cubic feet per bag…so that’s…

The Home Depot teen thinks I need 30 bags, I laugh and say let’s start with 20. In retrospect, I only needed 5.

With my Jeep filled to the brim with 4 times the actual amount of soil that I need, I tell myself:

Keep going.

Go back into the store and buy flowers now!

There is one hydrangea left and it’s on sale! There is an orange Lily, a beautiful Hibiscus and oh man, the Snapdragons!!!

What I am THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT though is bulbs.

I LOVE TULIPS!!! And I’m interested in looking forward to Spring. That’s not how I usually conclude winter (think: The Shining). But not this year, I have babies coming!

As I carefully arrange all of these flowers into the front seat of my car, I fantasize about how easy it will be to carry 20 bags of soil from the car to the backyard. No problem.

LOL. Watching my husband carry 20 bags of soil to the backyard really reminded me of how deeply in love with him I am.

And I’m sure that when I stared at him as he tore up all the grass with a pick ax that he HAD to have been reminded of how deeply in love with me he is.

We all know I wasn’t going to tear up the grass. I was going to lay 20 bags of dirt over the grass and call it a day.

I’m a first timer!

Thankfully, my husband and I have that whole, you’re the yin to my yang thing going for us.

63 square feet of area tilled (different from cubic feet).

For my dream.

The soil smells like poo. There are HUGE spiders in here.

And I am elated.

This morning when I came home from dropping my son off at school, I walked around to the backyard so I could admire my garden. My dream come true.

With 15 bags of dirt leftover, I’m going to make another garden and another garden and…basically 3 more gardens.

Do you remember when I discovered house plants?

Look at me now!!!

So grown up.



PS–Have you seen my latest Total Eclipse of the Heart music video???

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