Belly Breathe

Hey, wanna know what my greatest parental achievement is to date?

Watch this Sesame Street video.

The belly breathe. I promise you I am no parental expert, but this is my story:

As I was staring at the computer screen, watching Belly Breathe on YouTube for the millionth time, holding my son, dreaming about how I used to be a lawyer back when people still talked to me and I still left the house regularly, it hit me that I was not breathing.

Why aren’t you breathing?

I’m thinking.

Can’t you do both?

Then I started to really pay attention to the song and it became clear why my 10 month old son has been insisting we watch this song every day for the last 2 months: it’s because we breathe together and we talk about breathing. Someone WAS talking to me, my son, as best he could. I thought he was trying to drive me crazy, pointing and grunting, for me to play the song, screaming and crying, for me to play it again. He was arguing with me: mommy, we need this. You need this.

So we belly breathe and we talk about it and we apply it to our daily lives.

The second he started talking, one of his first words after the basics was: breathe, with my baby actually putting his tiny hands on his tummy and watching his belly go in and out. Mommy proud.

“Breathe Mommy,” he says to me sometimes, when I get to thinking too hard about complicated things. Mommy grateful.

Flash forward to May 2014. Jackson is 2, I am holding him BC he is sick, his tummy hurts and he needs mama cuddles. So we are belly breathing, as we do in this house, and my sweet boy threw up real adult size + smelling vomit through my hair, deep into my sports bra, onto this brand new Kelly Rae Roberts couch I got for my wedding anniversary gift and onto the carpet. We sink to the floor together, all the while I tell him calmly:

That’s right, great job, you are throwing up and you are ok, yes baby, breathe, that’s right, perfect, breathe baby!

I get excited at this point, or ‘cited (!), as we call it around here, BC even though he is just 2 years old, he still remembered to breathe, to focus on breathing when he could, even though he was scared and felt out of control. He let it go. He breathed.

We high fived.

His Dada rushes around removing blankets and clothing that have been puked on, as we sit together and talk about how he just did an incredible job throwing up.

Do you feel better?


Ok. Mommy will always take care of you baby.

Thank you Mommy.


Yeah baby?

{make throwing up noise} sick. Kitty sick. I sick.

Oh you got sick and now you are just pretending to get sick?

Yes, the belly breathe; it’s a practice in this household.



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